Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing Review & Free Demo

JILI Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing Game is a fish shooting game by JILI, read our review and play JILI Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing demo game to discover how to win at MyGame.

From the moment you embarked on this prehistoric journey through our Introduction, delved into the intricacies of How to play Dinosaur Tycoon 2, explored the thrilling Games Features that set it apart, and learned the winning strategies in How to win Dinosaur Tycoon 2, you’ve been equipped with the tools to conquer the ancient waters.

With each cast and capture, every strategic bet and wise deployment of special weapons, you’ve carved a path towards victory. As you continue your pursuit of riches amidst the dinosaurs, remember that the ultimate triumph lies in your hands. Embrace the thrill, embrace the challenge – and become the Dinosaur Tycoon you were destined to be.

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How to Play Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing



To play Dinosaur Tycoon 2, you should understand the game mechanics, placing your bet and paylines and selecting the game room. Refer to our guide below to learn the knowledge of playing Dinosaur Tycoon 2!

Mastering the Game Mechanics

Dinosaur Tycoon 2 incorporates several game mechanics that players must grasp for a successful gaming experience. Here are the key elements:

Target Control (Auto Shoot)

In Dinosaur Tycoon 2, players must utilize target control, allowing for automatic shooting. By aiming at various targets, such as dinosaurs, dinosaur eggs, Golden Smilodon, and Golden Mammoths, players can earn rewards and bonuses.

Choose Your Weapon

Players have the freedom to select different weapons to aid them in their dragon hunting endeavors. Each weapon may possess unique characteristics and advantages, so understanding their strengths and weaknesses is crucial.

Bet Adjustment

The game allows players to adjust their bets, influencing the potential rewards they can earn. Higher bets may lead to more substantial prizes, so finding the right balance between risk and reward is key.

Placing Your Bet and Paylines

When playing Dinosaur Tycoon 2, carefully consider your bet amount. The game offers various jackpot ranges based on your bets, and increasing your bet size can improve your chances of winning big. Here are the different jackpot ranges based on your bet:

  • Bet 0.1 Range Jackpot: 100-200
  • Bet 0.2-0.5 Range Jackpot: 200-400
  • Bet 0.6-1 Range Jackpot: 600-1,200
  • Bet 2-5 Range Jackpot: 2,000-4,000
  • Bet 6-10 Range Jackpot: 6,000-12,000
  • Bet 20-50 Range Jackpot: 20,000-40,000
  • Bet 60-100 Range Jackpot: 60,000-120,000

Carefully consider your risk tolerance and gaming strategy when placing your bets to optimize your winnings.

Selecting the Game Room

Dinosaur Tycoon 2 offers various game rooms for players to choose from. Each room may present varying levels of difficulty, reward structures, and jackpot opportunities. When selecting a game room, take into account your experience level, budget, and gaming preferences. Opt for a room that aligns with your skill level to maximize your enjoyment and success.

By following these tips and understanding the game mechanics, you can enhance your performance in Dinosaur Tycoon 2 and embark on a thrilling adventure through the world of dinosaurs while reaping fantastic rewards. Happy hunting!

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Game Features in Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing

The game features of Dinosaur Tycoon 2 are interesting, included Special Dinosaurs, Golden Mammoth, Gigantic Dragon King and Gashapon Mini-Game and so on. Without further ado, let’s dive in and see each of them below!

Special Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Tycoon 2 introduces several special dinosaurs that players can encounter during gameplay. Each special dinosaur comes with its distinctive symbol and unique features. Here are the noteworthy special dinosaurs:


1. Sprint Triceratops

Defeating the Sprint Triceratops triggers a series of sprints on the field. Successfully sprinting into a dragon during this time offers a chance to capture it, adding excitement and strategy to the gameplay.

2. Electric Lizard

After defeating the Electric Lizard, an electric net activates, capable of capturing dragons within its area of effect. This electrifying feature adds an extra layer of thrill and challenge.

3. Bomb Frog

Defeating the Bomb Frog leads to a detonation that can capture dinosaurs within the explosion’s radius, creating dynamic and unpredictable gameplay moments.

Mid-Sized Umoonasaurus


Encounter the mid-sized Umoonasaurus, a fascinating creature that adds excitement to the gameplay. With its sleek and agile appearance, the Umoonasaurus proves to be a challenging target for players to capture. Engaging in a thrilling hunt for the Umoonasaurus elevates the excitement and challenge of Dinosaur Tycoon 2.

Golden Mammoth


Face the formidable Golden Mammoth in Dinosaur Tycoon 2. Players must defeat this majestic creature to win the prize amount displayed on the Prize Panel. Higher bets increase both the chances of winning and the prize amounts, rewarding strategic bet placements and intensifying the game’s excitement.

Special Dragon King and Dragon King Showdown

mygame-dinosaur-tycoon-2-feature4-mygame22 mygame-dinosaur-tycoon-2-feature5-mygame22

Defeat two Special Dragon Kings to activate the thrilling “Dragon King Showdown” mode. Players must correctly guess the winner over five rounds to increase the multiplier, with a maximum basic bonus of X5. Engage in epic battles with the Tyrannosaurus Rex and King Kong in the Dragon King Showdown.

Gigantic Dragon King and Gashapon Mini-Game


Capturing the Holy Light Dragon King triggers the Gashapon mini-game for three rounds. The Gashapon offers chances to win fantastic bonuses and Energy Stones. Players can accumulate Energy Stones and win various prizes, adding an element of luck and anticipation to the gameplay.

Jackpot System


Dinosaur Tycoon 2 introduces a thrilling Jackpot System that offers players the opportunity to win exciting prizes with every successful dragon hit, regardless of its size. Specific bet conditions unlock locked prizes, with the displayed prize amount retained and players receiving a proportional accumulated prize based on the type of prize won.

Special Dragon Egg


The elusive Special Dragon Egg holds the promise of extraordinary rewards and surprises. Capturing this rare egg unlocks exclusive mini-games and valuable bonuses, presenting a challenging quest and enhancing the gameplay.

Special Weapons


Players are equipped with extraordinary tools to enhance their dragon-hunting prowess. The special weapon “Axe” grants the ability to unleash powerful strikes against targets, while the “Special Trap” allows players to outsmart their dragon prey with strategic placements.

Free Waterspout


Players can accumulate energy by shooting, which can be released as a powerful waterspout to cause significant damage. The energy’s conversion and damage depend on the current bet ratio, requiring strategic timing for maximum impact.

Treasure Chest Pterodactyl


Capturing the treasure chest-containing pterodactyl rewards players with three dice. One of these dice can be a Golden Dice, and players must multiply the values displayed on all three dice to determine the bonus multiplier. If the third dice turns out to be the Golden Dice, the multiplier is doubled, adding treasure hunting excitement to the gameplay.

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9 Strategies to win at Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing

You can win at Dinosaur Tycoon 2 by following our simple 9 strategies below, included conquer the Dragon King showdown mode, secure the Gigantic Dragon King for triumph, leverage the potency of the Jackpot System, deploy the free Waterspout with tactful precision and so on.

  1. Harness the Potency of the Special Weapon: Axe

    • Recall the “Axe” special weapon highlighted in the Game Features segment.
    • Apply the Axe judiciously to inflict substantial damage on dragons, heightening your odds of successful captures.
    • Master the art of well-timed shots, especially when confronting formidable adversaries.
  2. Embrace the Potential of Special Traps

    • Revisit the “Special Trap” functionality outlined in the Game Features section.
    • Strategically position traps to ensnare dragons, amplifying your likelihood of triumphant captures.
    • Innovate with trap placement strategies to target specific dragon types and amplify your rewards.
  3. Discerningly Opt for the Right Game Room

    • Reimmerse yourself in the significance of selecting an appropriate game room, as discussed in the How to Play section.
    • Evaluate your skill level, budget, and personal inclinations while choosing the ideal game room.
    • Opt for a room that harmonizes with your expertise to optimize your probability of success.
  4. Strategize Bet Placement for Maximum Gains

    • Revisit the insights on wager positioning outlined in the How to Play section.
    • Prudently adapt your bets to strike a balance between risk and reward.
    • Contemplate elevating your bet size to access higher jackpot ranges and potentially larger accolades.
  5. Conquer the Dragon King Showdown Mode

    • Recollect the details about “Special Dragon King” encounters and the ensuing “Dragon King Showdown” mode, elucidated in the Game Features section.
    • Engage in the Dragon King Showdown mode by vanquishing two Special Dragon Kings.
    • Employ your intuition to accurately predict victors over five rounds, amplifying multipliers and conceivable rewards.
  6. Secure the Gigantic Dragon King for Triumph

    • Reacquaint yourself with insights into the “Gigantic Dragon King” and the Gashapon mini-game from the Game Features section.
    • Set your sights on capturing the Holy Light Dragon King to activate the Gashapon mini-game.
    • Amass Energy Stones to garner diverse rewards encompassing Grand, Major, Minor, and Mini categories.
  7. Leverage the Potency of the Jackpot System

    • Refresh your understanding of the Jackpot System expounded upon in the Game Features segment.
    • Continuously direct your aim at dragons to participate in the chance of unlocking concealed rewards.
    • Fulfill specified bet criteria to unshackle and accumulate precious prizes.
  8. Deploy the Free Waterspout with Tactful Precision

    • Reinvoke knowledge regarding the Free Waterspout’s functionality, as elaborated in the Game Features section.
    • Accumulate energy through precise shots, channeling it into a potent waterspout release.
    • Unleash the waterspout astutely to inflict substantial damage, considering the bet ratio and resultant damage calculation.
  9. Unveil the Potency of the Treasure Chest Pterodactyl’s Golden Dice

    • Reengage with insights about the Treasure Chest Pterodactyl’s bonus multiplier, delineated in the Game Features section.
    • Concentrate on capturing the treasure chest housing gold to access supplementary dice.
    • Multiply the cumulative dice values to ascertain the bonus multiplier, potentially encountering a doubled multiplier.

By amalgamating these strategic principles and capitalizing on your comprehension of the game’s mechanics and attributes, you can heighten your odds of success in Dinosaur Tycoon 2. Bear in mind that a fusion of skill, strategy, and a sprinkle of fortune will ultimately shape your conquest as you embark on the voyage to claim the mantle of a Dinosaur Tycoon 2 champion!

Best Online Casino for Dinosaur Tycoon 2 Fishing


Best Casino to play Dinosaur Tycoon 2 is MyGame Online Casino. With its seamless interface and immersive features, MyGame platform offers the perfect environment to embark on a captivating journey of dragon hunting and rewards. 

MyGame Casino takes your Dinosaur Tycoon 2 adventure to the next level with its user-friendly interface and optimized gameplay. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, MyGame caters to all skill levels, providing an accessible and engaging platform for everyone.


In conclusion, Dinosaur Tycoon is a thrilling and rewarding fish shooting game that offers players an immersive experience in the world of prehistoric treasures. As discussed in the introduction, the game presents captivating graphics, diverse targets, and an array of bonuses and prizes.

Armed with the knowledge from the “How to play Dinosaur Tycoon” section, players can confidently navigate the game mechanics, bet wisely, and select the right weapons. The “Games Features of Dinosaur Tycoon” section showcases the exciting elements, such as the Golden Mammoth, Effects Dragons, and special skills, adding depth to the gameplay.

Armed with the tips from “How to win Dinosaur Tycoon,” players can develop winning strategies and improve their chances of success. Embrace the adventure of Dinosaur Tycoon and embark on a thrilling journey to become the ultimate tycoon of treasures!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dinosaur Tycoon 2 is an exciting online fishing game that combines prehistoric themes with modern gaming elements. Players hunt dinosaurs and other creatures for rewards in a dynamic gameplay experience.

To play Dinosaur Tycoon 2, you need to understand game mechanics like target control, weapon selection, and bet adjustment. The article provides detailed instructions on these aspects.

Special dinosaurs in Dinosaur Tycoon 2 come with unique features. These include the Sprint Triceratops, Electric Lizard, and Bomb Frog, each adding excitement and strategy to gameplay.

Strategically placing bets and utilizing special weapons and traps can help maximize your winnings in Dinosaur Tycoon 2. Adjust your strategies based on the different game features and mechanics outlined in the article.

Defeating two Special Dragon Kings activates the Dragon King Showdown mode. Players must predict winners over five rounds to increase multipliers and potential bonuses, providing an engaging challenge.

Dinosaur Tycoon 2 features a Jackpot System where successful dragon hits contribute to winning exciting prizes, with the chance to unlock locked prizes based on specific bet conditions.

The special weapon “Axe” deals significant damage, and the “Special Trap” helps players capture dragons more effectively. Using these tools strategically can enhance your gameplay and capturing abilities.

Accumulating energy by shooting allows players to unleash a powerful waterspout that causes damage. The article explains how to use this feature strategically for maximum impact.

Capturing the elusive Special Dragon Egg requires precision and strategy. Successfully capturing it unlocks exclusive mini-games and valuable bonuses.

Dinosaur Tycoon 2 is available on the MyGame platform, which offers a user-friendly interface and optimized gameplay experience. Players can explore the game’s unique features and challenges on this platform.

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